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FatCow Green Hosting refers to FatCow’s efforts in providing a environmentally friendly hosting option. Many industries are advertising to Go Green! This article explains what FatCow does to provide green hosting. Contribute to going green with FatCow Green Hosting!

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If you’ve looked at the FatCow homepage, your eye may have caught the notice “Powered by 100% Wind Energy” or you may have spotted the windmills in the illustration at the bottom of the page. This is FatCow’s enactment of    Green Hosting, but you may be wondering what this would mean to you as a customer.

What Is Green Hosting ?

Green hosting is an environmentally friendly approach to the power consumption required by a web hosting company. Not only must web hosts run an office, like other businesses: they have to power and cool their data centers, as well as provide for security systems, back-up systems, and fire-prevention systems, all in addition to running the servers, routers, and modems in the first place. To offset the environmental impact web hosts who decide to go green take a variety of steps. They may work to reduce their overall energy use through the use of more efficient equipment, reducing paper in the workplace, recycling waste and old equipment, employing renewable energy sources or alternative energy sources, using strategies to offset their carbon footprint, and/or purchase RECs—Renewable Energy Certificates.

FatCow Green Hosting 

What does this mean for Fat Cow Green Hosting? It means that they power their offices and data centers with wind energy and purchase Renewable Energy Certificates to offset the energy they do use. They are an EPA Green Power Partner, and they claim to be preventing the release of 2,660 metric tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere in each year of operation.

And what does this mean for FatCow customers? It means that FatCow customers can display “green badges,” free icons that show your visitors, customers, and/or friends that you’ve been thoughtful about your hosting choice and chosen a web host that’s environmentally friendly. Badges say things like:

• This site is eco-friendly.


• Hosted by 100% wind energy.

They are installed on our website by copying the HTML code corresponding to the badge of your choice, changing the generic “primarydomainname.com” in the code with your primary domain name, and paste it into the page of your site where you want the badge to appear. The only requirement for installing a badge is that your site be hosted by FatCow.

Clicking on the badge will take visitors to the FatCow certificate that backs up the badge: the certificate includes your domain name and explains FatCow’s use of wind power and RECs to your customers.

This can be a valuable addition to your website if your business is environmentally related or if you serve environmentally-conscious customers. It can also give you a sense of integrity in being able to make a business choice that is both economically smart in terms of total cost (given how inexpensive FatCow green hosting plans are) and environmentally smart at the same time.

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