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The FatCow website builder is offered as a free web hosting feature within the FatCow hosting plan.  The FatCow free website builder is considered a drag and drop builder known as Weebly. This article reviews the FatCow website builder options and how to use Weebly.

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Introduction to the FatCow Website Builder: Weebly

Although FatCow descriptions and resources often refer to the “Drag and Drop Site Builder”—which is a description of a type of website builder, not a proper name, a support representative on Live Chat told me that it is the Weebly Drag and Drop Builder that is used. There are other website builders listed in the SimpleScripts list of applications, and these may also be available to FatCow customers. The ones that are free are:

  • concrete5— a content management system (CMS) that was “built for Geeks”
  • liveSite—which, while it requires no knowledge of CSS or HTML, is definitely beyond “drag-and-drop”
  • Basic Pages— website builder using jQuery, a JavaScript Library

—all, clearly a different sort of experience than Weebly, and the support that FatCow provides in it’s Knowledgebase seems to be focused on the Drag and Drop editor, so that’s what we’ll focus on in this article.

I learn from the Weebly website weebly.com that it was designed to be used without requiring technical skills. It comes with over 70 professional designs, and accepts content ranging from text and documents to music and audio, images, video, maps, and photo galleries. A Weebly website can be used for e-commerce and blogging.

Learning More About the FatCow Website Builder

The Weebly website builder allows you to build a website via your web browser; that is, there is no other program, like Adobe Dreamweaver, involved. Weebly has both basic and premium features. The basic website (free) allows you to have only 6 pages and does not include elements such as a Favicon, or a website password. You can downgrade your website from the Control Panel. You may find it important to know that cookies must be enabled in your browser for the FatCow website builder to work correctly.

To get started with the FatCow Website Builder, you select the “Weebly Drag and Drop Builder” icon on your control panel and double-click it. When it opens, you choose ‘Site Info.”  When the dialog opens, you choose the URL on which you want to build a website from the drop-down menu, and then click ‘Change Domain.’ Next, you click the ‘Edit my Site’ button, which takes you to the Weebly Drag and Drop site editor.

FatCow’s Help Desk provides materials to help you use the FatCow Website Builder, Weebly. A Tutorial Video here: http://www.fatcow.com/knowledgebase/beta/article.bml?ArticleID=1411#Nugget_2339  provides an introduction to Weebly, in a screencast, showing how to choose a template, change images and text, create new pages, place elements on a page, and publish the site. There are more articles in the Knowledgebase that can help you. You can search on ‘Website Builder’ or ‘Weebly.’ Articles in the Knowledgebase include basic articles like:

  • “Using the Drag and Drop Site Builder”
  • “Choosing a Website Design in the Drag and Drop Site Builder”

and more advanced articles like:

  • “Selling Online from Your Site in the Drag and Drop Site Builder”
  • “Inserting Custom HTML on Your Site in the Drag and Drop Site Builder.”

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