FatCow Control Panel

FatCow Control Panel refers to the system FatCow offers their customers to manage their FatCow websites. This article offers information on the Fatcow control panel – vDeck. Find out how the vDeck FatCow control panel can benefit you.

Introduction to the FatCow Control Panel

FatCow has chosen to offer their customers the vDeck control panel, unlike some other shared hosting web hosts who offer cPanel. In April 2011, FatCow was providing vDeck version 4.0, the current version at this time.

FatCow’s Browser Advice for Best Results with vDeck

The fact that FatCow makes a point of recommending particular levels of browsers for use with vDeck suggests that new customers should take heed. Although they recommend Mozilla Firefox version 3 or greater, Apple Safari version 4 or later, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer version 8 or greater, they recommend that Apple users may not want to use Internet Explorer. This makes sense because IE’s support for Apple was stopped.

vDeck Features

The vDeck control panel offers FatCow customers the typical services that one finds on a control panel. These include:

  • Website management, which enables the customer to access a drag-and-drop site builder, manage FTP, and other tools to manage their website or websites. Included here is the SimpleScripts access, which provides customers with access to around 75 software applications that can enhance or even for the basis of a website. These include shopping carts, forums, blogs, content management systems, photo galleries, and more.
  • Email management, which enables the customer to set usernames and passwords, set-up spam protection, program forwarding and auto-responders, and access webmail;
  • Domain management, which makes it possible for the customer to manage subdomains, transfer a domain, add a domain, and do other domain-related activities.
  • Account management services, which allows the customer to pay his or her account balance, edit billing information or the account password, and see the current balance.
  • Ecommerce services, which makes shopping carts and other ecommerce services available.
  • Marketing services, which gives the customer access to Google Adwords, and other advertising tools from Facebook and Yahoo!

Accessing Your FatCow Control Panel

Your control panel can be accessed in multiple ways. You can use the “Customer Login” that appears in the upper right-hand corner of most, if not all, FatCow website pages. Choose Control Panel (there is also an option to log-in to your webmail) and follow the steps provided.

Another approach is to type the address of the control panel into our browser address window. It is formed with the customary web address beginning:


followed by specifying the control panel as if it were a subdomain:


Followed by your primary domain name, as it appears in DomainCentral, including the extension (.com, .net., .info, .org, etc.):


Put them all together, and the result is:


Learning Control Panel Settings

FatCow provides a Control Panel Settings Tutorial, a narrated screencast that can help you learn about the six types of preferences for your vDeck control panel. These types of preferences are:

  • Appearance Settings
  • General Settings
  • Secure Settings
  • File Manager Settings
  • Email Settings
  • Site Editor Settings

This is a good tutorial to watch before you start working on your site for the first time and possibly as you do your initial site set-up as well. It is available at:


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