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FatCow forum hosting refers to the forum programs available through the FatCow web hosting plan that includes Simplescripts which provides a simple way to choose and install your forum software choice.  Keep reading for more information on FatCow Forum Hosting.

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Introduction to FatCow Forum Hosting

A forum can be the cornerstone of a website, providing a place where people with a common hobby, interest, or allegiance can come together and discuss their shared focus. It can also be an ancillary part of a site, for example, a support forum on a site that sells a product or service, providing an alternative means of customer or technical support and building a community of users/clients who help each other. Like many web hosts that focus on a single shared web hosting plan, FatCow provides forum hosting.

Like other areas at FatCow, the FatCow forum hosting offers the customer choices. This is because FatCow provides forums through SimpleScripts—a simple downloading tool, with five choices of forum, allowing the customer to select the application that best suits his or her needs.

FatCow Forum Hosting Alternatives

Here are introductions to each of the forum hosting choices provided by FatCow through SimpleScripts:

• phpBB is a free, open-source bulletin board software of the kind referred to as a “flat” forum. Reportedly, threading is available via a plug-in. As of March 2011, SimpleScripts offers version 3.0.8, which was released on November 20, 2010 and is the current version. phpBB offers basic forum features, such as administration, moderation, and a private message system. Documentation and a knowledgebase for phpBB are both available on the phpBB site. FatCow provides an article including links to 22 video tutorials for phpBB.

• Simple Machines Forum (SMF) is a free, flat forum software. As of March 2011, SimpleScripts offers version 1.1.13, which was released on February 11, 2011 and is the current version. Version 2 is in development. It includes a template engine to assist in your layout of your forum, which can also be customized with modifications and themes. It also has an online manual. FatCow provides one article, “Using SMF.” Further help is available through SimpleScripts.

• bbPress is free, open-source forum software from the makers of WordPress that can be flat or threaded via a plug-in. As of March 2011, SimpleScripts offers version 1.0.2, but the latest version is 1.0.3. bbPress features customizable templates, with many plugins to extend functionality, as well as themes, and built-in compatibility with WordPress. It has online documentation and FAQs, but FatCow provides no support other than general installation information for SimpleScripts.

• PunBB is a free, open-source flat discussion board that intends to be small fast, and features a simple appearance, avoiding graphical intensity. The current version, 1.3.4, which is offered by SimpleScripts purposely does not include file attachments, polls, private messaging, or advanced text formatting controls. It may not ever, in keeping with the intentions of the first developer.  It reportedly can be threaded through a plug-in. Unsurprisingly, support is offered through a forum on the PunBB site. FatCow offers no support other than installation.

• Vanilla Forums are open-source, standards-compliant flat forums. As of March 2011, SImpleScripts offers version, which is the current version. There are over 500 plug-ins, as well as themes. There is also a mobile version. Documentation is offered on the website. FatCow makes no mention of it.

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