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The FatCow servers are just one of many great features FatCow has to offer. This article explains how the FatCow servers save energy, process information, and other interesting facts.

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If you are considering FatCow as a web hosting service, there are several important things to know about their servers, at least one of which may be an unexpected, though pleasant, surprise. Let’s take this feature first. FatCow is a “Green” web host. This means that not only the data centers that house the FatCow servers but also their offices are operated by 100% wind energy. This includes the power that runs the FatCow servers, the cooling system that prevents the FatCow servers from overheating, as well as the server security system, the fire-prevention system, and the FatCow server back-up system. FatCow customers are eligible for green badges that signal to their customers that they have chosen a web host that is committed to the environment.

In most cases, web hosting is done on FatCow servers using a Windows or Linux/UNIX operating system. According to a live chat with a FatCow representative, FatCow offers shared web hosting on UNIX servers. Shared hosting means that space on each UNIX server is shared by a number of different customers. Note that UNIX is a class of operating systems, not a individual system. Similarly to how Windows has versions and Linux has distributions, UNIX has a group of operating systems that meet its specification. These operating systems include AIX, Solaris, Mac OS X, for example.

Although FatCow offers unlimited disk space—another way of saying as much space on the server as you need—the space allocated for each customer is actually an amount that FatCow has found to be reasonable for most personal and small business customers, providing them with as much space as they need.

FatCow servers run the Apache web server. The Apache HTTP Server is a very popular server, and in early 2011, it was serving more than half of all websites, as it has for some time.

FatCow makes a variety of scripting languages available for developers who wish to code or program their sites (as opposed to using the many site-building applications available through SimpleScripts, such as WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal, etc. or the Weebly Drag and Drop Builder or the CM4all WebSite Creator). Included are both PHP5 and PHP4, as well as Perl and Python.

With access to unlimited MySQL databases also available to customers of FatCow, FatCow creates the makings of an AMP solution stack. AMP is an initialism that refers to the combination of Apache web server, MySQL databases, and at least one scripting language starting with P (PHP, Perl, and/or Python)—a favored software stack for developers. Though most often found in LAMP (L is for Linux), the AMP group can work on a UNIX server (or, indeed, on a Windows server).

This combination of facts about FatCow servers may contribute to your making a considered decision about choosing FatCow web hosting. For more information, such as the precise versions of the scripting languages now available, contact FatCows phone support or Live Chat.

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