EIG – FatCow

 EIG – FatCow refers to one of the biggest hosting networks (Endurance International Group) and their affiliate with FatCow, a web hosting provider.  This article discusses the relationship between EIG and FatCow as well as other web hosting companies.

The Endurance International Group (EIG) is a business with a large number of DBA names, and is reportedly the second largest network of hosting brands. I first began to suspect a connection between FatCow, iPage, and other sites, when I was using the LiveChat on each in order to write reviews. The tech support people asked for the URL of the site from which I had contacted them., and didn’t flinch when I gave them the URL of one of the other sites owned by EIG, though when I asked them directly, they claimed to only work for one site. But the identical support material on the iPage and FatCow sites sealed the deal. I see now that others have found and complained about the lack of transparency in the relationship of EIG as parent companies to the web hosting providers it has purchased, confirming what I noticed.

EIG’s holdings reportedly include the following sites, which is acknowledged neither by the sites, nor by EIG:

  • 2slick
  • AccountSupport
  • apollohosting
  • berryinfosysllc
  • BizLand
  • BlueDomino
  • carielweb
  • Choopa
  • dollar2host
  • DomainHost
  • our.bbb
  • dot5hosting
  • easycgi
  • ehost
  • EntryHost
  • FatCow
  • FreeYellow
  • Globat
  • hostaday
  • HostCentric
  • HostClear
  • hostingbyexcel
  • hostwithmenow
  • HostYourSite
  • HyperMart
  • IMOutdoorsHosting
  • ipage
  • ipower
  • IpowerWeb
  • myresellerhome
  • netfirms
  • Networkshosting
  • osullivansystems
  • PowWeb
  • PureHost
  • ReadyHosting
  • readyhosting.co.uk
  • sabapro
  • Serverbeach
  • southeastweb
  • Spry
  • StartLogic
  • SuperGreenHosting
  • tighthost
  • USANetHosting
  • VirtualAve
  • VirtualAvenue
  • vpslink
  • web2010
  • webdevhosting
  • webhost4life
  • WebstrikeSolutions
  • Xeran
  • YourWebHosting
  • zipitdesigns

FatCow is distinguished from EIG’s other sites by several features including the following:

  • the use of 100% wind energy through the purchase of Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) to offset FatCows energy use which not all of EIG’s sites claim and the green badges that customers can use on their site to display this fact.
  • the cow jokes, including the so-called “HeiferCratic Oath” which makes eight promises to customers: that they will be welcomed to the FatCow service with a personal phone call within seven days of signing up for an account; that calls to FatCow will be answered on average in less than two minutes; that phone support will stay in North America; that issues will be resolved upon first contact or a firm deadline will be set for follow-up, be friendly and courteous at all times during support; maintain training standards that will keep support staff knowledgeable; using follow-up surveys to improve their support; and to have an investigator examine any customer claims that FatCow has now carried out the preceding seven promises, and provide a month of free hosting if the investigator substantiates the claim.
  • Social networking ad credits—$50 with FaceBook
  • Yellowpages.com listing
  • a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • the integration of Google Custom Search and Google Webmaster Tools
  • 60-day free trials with Constant Contact and RatePoint Feeback Service
  • Support for PHP4 as well as PHP 5

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