FatCow Affiliate Program

The FatCow affiliate program is a great way to make money online.  By promoting the FatCow web hosting plans you can make money for every referral.  The FatCow affiliate program provides you a tracking link to add to your website and pays you for every click that converts to a sale. Keep reading to learn more about how the FatCow affiliate program works.

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Introduction to the FatCow Affiliate Program

An affiliate program allows people to earn money through their referral of customers to a brand or brands that they have chosen. In keeping with their cow theme, the FatCow Affiliate Program is called the Moo Money Affiliate Program.  The process begins when a person signs up for the Moo Money Affiliate Program. Both customers of FatCow (i.e., those with their own FatCow hosting plan), and those who are not customers can sign up to be affiliates. However, those who are FatCow resellers cannot also be affiliates.

The prospective affiliate fills out a profile and provides a URL so that FatCow staff can see the website that will be linked to their products and services. They check the website for compliance with the affiliate agreement.

When affiliates are accepted into the program, FatCow provides them with code that enables them to add banner ads or text links to their websites, emails or both. There are several different banners and text links that affiliates can choose from.  Affiliates also need to specify the landing page that a customer will reach after clicking on the link. FatCow recommends that this be the homepage, though it needn’t be.

For each new customer who clicks a link and signs up for web hosting with FatCow, a cookie is used to track the movements of a click through, and the cookie lasts for 30 days. If a purchase is made within this time, the affiliate can earn up to a one hundred dollar commission. If the visitor who clicks through does not allow a cookie, does not make a purchase, or makes a purchase after 30 days, no commission is paid.

Particulars of the FatCow Affiliate Program

Some brands have limits on the earnings of their affiliates. FatCow is not one of them. FatCow’s affiliates can earn unlimited commissions each month. There are two payment methods. An affiliate can choose to be paid either by check or by credit to his or her own web hosting account with FatCow.  However, checks can only be paid to people who have a Social Security number and a mailing address in North or South America, Australia, Asia, Europe, or New Zealand. Account credit can be supplied to an affiliate in any location. Payments are made in U.S. currency.

FatCow provides affiliates with support to carry out their role as affiliates. This includes an online affiliate console through which affiliates can manage and track commissions. In order to have precise tracking, each link the affiliate employs should have a unique name. The number of links and ads that an affiliate may use is unlimited.

Affiliation and Tax Liability

FatCow expects affiliates to pay their taxes, but they “may” (or may not) send a Form 1099 to affiliates who earn more than $600 and also send the IRS a report of the earnings. They point out that income less than $600, for which they never send a 1099, may still need to be reported.

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