Cheap Web Hosting

When you choose cheap web hosting, clearly you’re going to not get everything you would get with a higher priced package. The key is to find the combination of elements that are going to work for your website. However, there are ways to manipulate the cost and problems that you want to avoid that you should know about before you choose.

Bringing Down the Cost

You find a web host with a good reputation, but you don’t like the charges? The quickest way to minimize the cost is to make a commitment for a longer term. In most cases, signing up for two or three years, rather than one, will cut your costs.

Another way to limit the cost is to opt for shared web hosting rather than virtual private server (VPS) hosting or dedicated hosting, but this choice comes with limitations, so be sure to check out the features of each prior to making your decision.

Avoiding Advertising

Generally, moving up to paid web hosting from free web hosting will generally allow you to set up your website without the bother of banner ads or pop-ups.

Planning for Your Future

Just because cheap hosting is the thing for you now doesn’t mean it will always be, so check out any available upgrades that will allow your site to grow. For example, you might need more disk storage space, more bandwidth or to make the leap to VPS hosting. If you are going to have to switch hosts to do this, it could pose problems for the continuity of your site. The “unlimited” disk storage and bandwidth that are so often offered with cheap hosting are not really unlimited, so find out exactly what is meant by this term, if you see it.

Another thing to check is the web host’s policy on overages. If you expect that your site may soon draw a crowd, check on what happens if you exceed the bandwidth and find out about the policy on exporting your site. Linux hosting is widely used, not only among people seeking inexpensive hosting options, but also among the top supercomputer systems in the world.


FatCow is one of the companies that offers shared Linux web hosting at low costs. As of July, 2011, a special offer was in place for $56 per year ($4.67 per month,), as opposed to the usual charge of $99/year ($8.25 per month). Use the link below and get FatCow for ONLY $3.67 a month! FatCow offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, and unlimited disk space, bandwidth, domains hosted, POP mailboxes, FTP users, and MySQL databases, as well as many free software options, including blogs and shopping carts.

New features that you may not be aware of if you have not visited the FatCow site recently include Google Custom Search and integrated Google Webmaster Tools. They also claim 100% US phone support.

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