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With so much interest in shared web hosting and with so many web hosting companies providing it, it is a good idea to understand exactly what shared web hosting is and why web host providers like FatCow are the best and most reliable shared hosts to work with.

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In this article, we are taking a look at the idea behind shared web hosting, why it is so popular and why it is an affordable web hosting service that many find works for all their web hosting needs.
What is shared web hosting?
Shared web hosting is a great option for a variety of purposes including business looking to expand online or for personal use. Shared web hosting is where many websites reside on one server, which is then connected to the Internet. Each website is kept separate from the other sites and given its own space on the server. Generally, this is the most economical choice for web builders because it is generally cheaper and easier to operate in comparison to other types of Internet hosting services like Virtual Private Servers (VPS) hosting.  Shared web hosting uses a web-based control panel system. Shared web hosting is perfect for those who are looking for a free and instant set up with their website. Many shared web hosting providers also offer a large variety of web design tools and templates to help create a professional looking site without having to be an expert webmaster. Typically in shared hosting, the provider manages the servers, which is why so many share web host providers like FatCow have great backup services for their servers to ensure the reliability of your website. 
What does FatCow have to offer?
With awesome shared web hosting features like unlimited disk space, bandwidth, POP mailboxes, MySQL Databases and domains, it is no wonder FatCow is one of the best shared web host providers around.  FatCow’s quality shared hosting services include: top products like server backups, Google Adwords credits and a easy-to-use website builder. FatCow also offers unlimited MySQL databases, unlimited domains, free domain name and shopping cart to assist in your e-commerce needs. FatCow provides customers with an SSL secure server as well as unlimited FTP users and sub-users. FatCow strives to benefit customers of all types whether it be a small business, e-commerce or individuals looking to make their own website. FatCows best shared web hosting offers plenty of great web hosting tools for everyone like blog access as well as e-commerce tools like a free shopping cart. FatCow is 100 percent powered by wind energy and strives tot get customers the best web hosting experience possible at an affordable price. 

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